About us



At Shoppingover.com, we believe to customize everything about an attire you thought of.


Our Story


We began our journey as a market place seller in year 2007. This was a home based part time business cum hobby.


After gaining good exposure in the market we made this to a full time business and hence we Shoppingover.com was launched in 2013. 


Shoppingover.com is now the only family business we both Sandhya & Naveen do full-fledged. We operate from our office at Noida India.


Our Values

Our Customers Mean the World

At Shoppingover.com, we strive to provide exactly what our customers are looking for. A huge part of our brainstorming process is looking at our client feedback to make sure you're well taken care of.

In-House Made

We are personally committed to delivering the very best. Everything, from customer support to product design and development, is provided by our dedicated (and adorable) team in Noida India.


Reach Us:

Feel free to write back to us at contact@shoppingover.com